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Innovative ideas for a better mobility

For Brussels residents and Brussels-based businesses, our city and its outskirts form one single region and one single job market. The mobility offering must respond to this reality.

That's why Open Vld Brussels proposes a concrete action plan to optimally connect the outskirts to the city.

➡ Extend metro lines to Flemish and Walloon Brabant.

E.g., extend the Hermann-Debroux line to Jezus-Eik.

➡ Increase the number of trains per hour within and just outside of Brussels.

E.g., go from one train per hour outside peak hours to at least three trains per hour.

➡ Transform large underutilized parking lots in the outskirts into free "Park+Ride" solutions.

E.g., the Heysel parking lot.

➡ Establish collaboration agreements for all taxis.

E.g., allow private-hire vehicles and ridesharing companies at Zaventem Airport.

➡ Develop more suitable cycling lanes around the Ring (cycle highways).

➡ Create mobility hubs around the city for deliveries.

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