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Brussels is unique. We live in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, where freedom and justice are ingrained in the city's DNA. This has made Brussels a progressive beacon of light in a sometimes dark and gloomy world. Brussels is rightfully the capital of the free world. In Brussels, it doesn't matter what your background is, who you love, or what your religion is. It's precisely this freedom that has shaped Brussels into what it is. We are open to the world. If you want to participate, you are a Brussels resident.

We believe in a free and prosperous city. We do this by putting forward three key themes. Housing, entrepreneurship, and education are central to our campaign. Because startups and entrepreneurs boost the Brussels economy, together we create more employment, innovation, and economic growth. Through education, we invest in the future of our children and therefore in the future of our city. Quality housing is also essential for Brussels residents to thrive. Homes must be affordable so that they are accessible to everyone. Homes also play a key role in our transition to a sustainable city. Together, we strive for a city where everyone feels at home, in complete freedom.

Curious about what we stand for? Below you'll find our focal points, our institutional vision, and our program.

Klik hier en ontdek onze institutionele visie in het Nederlands.

Cliquez ici et découvrez notre programme en français.

Click here and discover our program in English.

Any further questions? Get in touch! Don't hesitate to contact us!

Email: [email protected] WhatsApp: +32 2 549 66 60

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