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Use Your Vote! Registration European Elections: 31/03

Europe is above all a community of values. It is a unifying project about big and small things. About peace. About well-being, economy, and prosperity. About working together for a better climate and, of course, about democracy. Therefore, let your voice be heard. Vote for the European elections on June 9th!

A blend of experience and innovation is the common thread among liberals on their European list. Lead candidate Hilde Vautmans believes that with a strong team, they can face the upcoming elections. "Our prosperity and future lie in Europe. The answer to today's challenges is not less, but more Europe. Fewer rules, more Europe. We liberals are the only ones resolutely fighting for that."

Our capital, Brussels, is represented by Eva Vanhengel and Filip Meirhaeghe. Together with Guy Verhofstadt, Maggie De Block, and Young VLD president Sepp Tyvaert, Open Vld has a strong list for a better European future. "We are the most pro-European party in Brussels," says Eva Vanhengel. "We are convinced that only through cooperation within a strong and united European Union can we tackle the major challenges of the coming century. That ambition and belief in Europe are reflected in this list, full of liberal leaders and promising talents."

Find the complete list here.

Use Your Vote! Vote for the European elections on June 9th! Deadline registration 31/03

Register online before March 31, 2024.

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In the globalized world, European democracies must unite their strengths. It is essential to safeguard our values, norms, prosperity, and freedom in the face of powerful global players like China and the US, or against the short-sighted imperialism of Russia. In a Belgian context: unity is strength.

The European story seems distant, but it is closer than we often realize. Europe is usually talked about or written about little, unless our country, like now, holds the presidency of the EU in the year when we will elect a new European Parliament. However, 75% of our legislation in Belgium is determined by the directives set by the European Union.

New mothers, like myself, have the right to at least 14 weeks of maternity leave in the EU. Every parent is entitled to a minimum number of days of parental leave. There is oversight to protect children's rights in each member state and how they can be improved. Europe also involves exchanging and pooling medical expertise or insights within our healthcare systems. Or about artificial intelligence. The EU was the very first to approve a regulatory framework to ensure that this technology respects the EU's fundamental rights and values. But also about free trade: a beer produced in Belgium can be sold in any EU country, for example. Or still: the Union keeps an eye on ensuring that our clothing is produced fairly and that clothing production has a minimal impact on the environment. And the EU is also ensuring a universal charger that will be available throughout the EU in 2024. No more dealing with different models that complicate our lives and cost us a fortune.

Europe is a unifying project about big and small things. About peace. About well-being and scientific progress. About working together for a better climate. About culture and media. And of course, about economic prosperity.

More complex issues like climate change or migration are inherently cross-border. Therefore, they must be addressed as such. Collaboration is the only way to collectively make an impact and achieve results.

Our future and that of our children lie in the hands of a preferably as strong as possible Europe. And, as Caroline Pauwels articulated earlier in her book Straightforward: "A compelling European narrative must meet at least three criteria: it must be future-oriented, it must encourage dreaming, and it must make a difference in people's daily lives." I would like to contribute my part to that story, modestly, from Brussels, the capital of Europe.

Eva Vanhengel 
5th place for Europe.

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